After Dinner Speeches

with Neil Hanson

The Storyteller Supreme

As the heading suggests, I’m a storyteller rather than a stand-up comedian – I don’t machine-gun gags at the audience, I don’t do “blue”, and I do rely on wit more than smut. So if you’re staging a stag night or a sportsman’s dinner, there are other speakers who would be more suitable, but if you’re planning an event for a rather more sophisticated audience, then I might be the man for you.

My after-dinner speeches draw on my experiences over the course of a mis-spent life. Along the highways, byways and frequent cul de sacs of my chequered career – if that isn’t too strong a word for it – I’ve been an Oxford graduate, a plasterer’s mate, an ice-cream salesman, a holiday camp redcoat, an art gallery director, and simultaneously, an art critic and a rugby league commentator. I’ve been the editor of the drinker’s bible, The Good Beer Guide and the owner of the highest pub in Britain and I’ve also found time to travel round the world twice, edit an assortment of magazines, make a couple of television films, write two screenplays, work as a radio broadcaster in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, and write for every British national newspaper and for media around the world.

Howver, the world’s longest adolescence had to come to an end eventually, and for the last twenty years I’ve been a full-time author, with over forty published books under my own and a variety of different names, for as well as my own work, I’m also a ghostwriter – a writer of other people’s books for them. My clients have included legendary entertainers, sporting superstars, a treasure diver, a polar explorer, an undercover investigator, a spy, an IRA informer, a kidnap negotiator, a round-the-world walker, a submariner, two fast-jet pilots and half a dozen SAS men.

As an award winning after-dinner speaker, I’ve entertained audiences at every type of occasion – corporate events, conferences, festivals, luncheon clubs, dinners and banquets – throughout the UK and in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, New Orleans, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and Wellington. I’ve also made regular appearances on television and radio in Britain, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Praise for Neil Hanson’s Speeches

‘We have had such positive feedback from those that attended and nearly all mentioned your speech and how much they enjoyed it. My husband was laughing so much he was nearly crying! Having picked your name almost "out of a hat" via the internet, I realise now what a good choice I made!’
- Sandy Rysiok, Society of Municipal Treasurers

'I would like to thank you for being a wonderful after dinner speaker. Your humour, wit and entertaining ability all conspired to keep a very diverse audience entranced. You also managed to inform, be serious and left everyone wanting more from you, a rare gift. You really made our dinner special.'
- Janet Munro, Soroptimist International

‘The best - and the best-received - of all the 100 events we have put on here.’

- Ed Tracy, Executive Director, The Pritzker, Chicago

    • ‘It really was a pleasure to host you. I have had nothing but positive responses since the dinner – you really hit the right note – thank you.’
      - Commander Andrew Coles, HMS Drake, Plymouth

      ‘I just wanted to ask you to pass on a huge thank you to Neil Hanson for doing such a wonderful event here. It went down fantastically well.’
      - Rachel Feldberg, Director, Ilkley Festival

      ‘Neil Hanson was an outstanding speaker – warm, funny, humane; speaking (not a note in sight) without repetition, hesitation or deviation.’

      - Stephen Brown, Chairman, Yorkshire Post Literary Luncheons

      ‘It was a joy to have you with us... your presentation drew raves.’
      - Eli Paul, Director, National World War I Museum, Kansas City

      Best Speaker (voted by audiences),
      - Brisbane Festival

      'You were awesome.'

      - Thomas Power, Chairman, ecademy

How To Book

To enquire about Neil Hanson’s availability, please contact the agency through which you reached this site or contact Neil Hanson directly:

Mobile: 07940 917795


Neil Hanson