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Pincher Martin: The Two Deaths of Christopher Martin Catch-22 Arctic Dreams Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest The Bolivian times True History of the Kelly Gang

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Pigs Might Fly

More Dales Tales from the Author of The Inn at the Top


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“The James Herriot of pubs”, author of the best-selling The Inn at the Top, is back with more tales of the highest and loneliest inn in Britain, in the most wild and windswept corner of the Yorkshire Dales. Joining the extraordinary cast of local characters this time are a theatrical pet pig, a punk barmaid with shocking pink hair, two Australian handymen and a Walter Mittyesque chef.

After five years away, the naive, impulsive young couple who ran The Inn at the Top in the late 1970s return as its new owners. Their hearts are in the right place, but nothing else is. Yet stumbling from one crisis to another, they somehow transform the inn from a decrepit, local curiosity into a thriving, nationally-famous inn. Along the way they “conquer Everest” by persuading the double-glazing company to film their new TV commercial at the inn. Enter Ted Moult and his famous feather to help keep the gales off the ales…

    • Full of warmth and humour, the beauty of the Dales countryside and the quirks of the characters who inhabit it, Pigs Might fly paints an unforgettable, laugh-a-minute portrait of a unique place and way of life in a now-vanished era.


"Massively readable, full of rich anecdote, amusing characters."

Gervase Phinn

"Reminiscent of James Herriot."

The Dalesman

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