World Tour of Yorkshire

5 November 2015

I’ve been on an intermittent book tour since the start of August but, barring a couple of “outliers” next year, I reach the end of … Read More

Flying Pigs Airborne

17 August 2015

If you’re out and about in Yorkshire over the next few weeks and want to know more about Pigs Might Fly or The Inn At … Read More

Look North

13 August 2015

A really nice piece on “Pigs Might Fly” and the real life “Inn at the Top” (aka Tan Hill), filmed by Philip Chapman , was … Read More

Flying Pigs

30 July 2015

Gearing up for the launch of my new book Pigs Might Fly on Monday, the first self-published one I’ve been involved in, after more than … Read More


28 May 2015

If you’re at a loose end today and fancy a little trip “Oop Dale” you can catch one of the great Yorkshire experiences: the annual … Read More

Only In New York…

11 May 2015

This from my New Yorker best mate, Barry Fast, in today’s NY Times Diary I was parking on the Upper East Side, on Second … Read More

Secret Britain

20 April 2015

Spoiler alert: I watched a programme called Secret Britain on BBC TV the other night, mainly because it included a segment on The Inn at … Read More

Back on Top

31 March 2015

I was up at the highest inn in Great Britain a couple of days ago and was delighted to find it in rude good … Read More

Burns Night

26 January 2015

Went to a Burns Night dinner this weekend – great time, though general overconsumption of whisky did turn the post-dinner Scottish country dancing into human … Read More


27 July 2014

A tip of the hat to Amanda Foreman in today’s Sunday Times for unearthing this quotation by a US college professor about his students: “Indulged, … Read More

Why I Write

21 July 2014

Thanks to the largesse of the estates of A.A. Milne, Somerset Maugham, et al, the Royal Literary Fund probably supports more living writers than many … Read More


9 July 2014

Stand by for a tune on the world’s smallest violin: There’s cheerful news for authors this week in a survey by ALCS aka The Authors’ … Read More

Bliar, Bliar, pants on fire

18 June 2014

No surprise that Tony Bliar should claim this week that the Bush/Blair invasion of Iraq in 2003 had played no part in the country’s current … Read More

Doing A Turn

2 May 2014

I’m “doing a turn” at the Dales Festival of Food and Drink – – in Leyburn, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday, … Read More


25 April 2014

I travel a lot and like many people, I tend to use Tripadvisor when looking for hotels or restaurants in unfamiliar places. I also … Read More


26 March 2014

Last week, for the first time in years, I returned to my home town, a Victorian model village and Unesco World Heritage site. When I … Read More

Kindle Mk. II

3 March 2014

In the unlikely event that there is anyone out there who, for some unaccountable reason, has yet to purchase a copy of The Inn At … Read More

Inn on Top

31 January 2014

Manuscript finally delivered, stress frown turned upside down, I’m back in the game! For those who’ve read The Inn at the Top – and with … Read More


2 January 2014

Deadline looming – help! But if any Kindle-equipped readers out there have so far failed to buy a copy of The Inn at the Top, for … Read More

Stand down

11 November 2013

Two looming deadlines mean that I’ll have to suspend blogging activity for the moment – I need to be writing books, not talking about writing … Read More