18 June 2013

Although I’ve succumbed to the sultry wiles of a Facebook Author page, I’ve so far held myself aloof from the clammy embrace of Twitter. It’s not that I’m a complete Luddite… well not only because of that… it’s mainly because I already have a world class collection of displacement activities at my disposal – making yet more coffee, going for a walk to “marshal my thoughts”, remembering a second class letter that needs posting, polishing the piano, etc., etc., – and I’m afraid that Twitter would just become yet another excuse for not getting on with what I’m supposed to be getting on with: writing books. As the old joke goes: some authors find they need to take twelve showers a day but I find I can get by perfectly well on six. However the siren song of Twitter becomes ever louder, so my abstinence may not last much longer, but meanwhile those in search of my recommendations on books, boozers or breakfast cereals, or my opinions on whatever happens to be exercising the twitterati on any particular day, will have to keep their breath in the bated position a little longer, I’m afraid. Sorry but, trust me, you’re not missing much.